Cafe Tip: Fabrique


There’s more then just one Fabrique in Stockholm and I chose to go to the one in Gamla Stan when I was in Sweden in July. Enjoyed a hot chocolate and cardamon roll. Recommend it if you are in Stockholm 🙂

Lilla Nygatan 12,
111 28 Stockholm,


Plage Keller


Day at Plage Keller in Antibes

One day we rented chairs from Plage Keller in Antibes. The sun chairs at private beach are a tad expensive (30-40 e/person) but we just wanted to try it once. We also had lunch at the beach. It was a really nice place and glad we tried it out.

We arrived quite early and managed to snap this photo before anyone else was there 🙂


Sunday in Helsinki


Pretty Helsinki

Gloomy and rainy (but still pretty) day in Helsinki. The weather has not been the best this weekend, but it’s been nice to just relax and chill on the couch 🙂 Went for a little walk in Eira with my camera when the rain stopped and admired the beautiful streets.

Now tea and netflix!


Day in Costa Nova


Costa Nova Beach

We made a day trip to Aveiro and Costa Nova from Porto. I had seen pics of the stripy houses and wanted to see them myself. We also wanted one more day at the beach before heading home 🙂

We got pizza slices and fruit salad from a cafe and went to have a sort of picnic on the beach. After tanning a while we walked back to the promenade with all these beautiful houses and popped into some shops before taking the buss back to Aveiro (where we shopped some more) and hopping to the train back to Porto.

The train to Aveiro from Porto took only around 45 min (the buss from Aveiro to Costa Nova took almost the same time though) so it was a perfect destination for a little day trip. We did end up staying longer then expected cause the buss took so long – but it was worth it in my opinion.


4 x Gems on the French Riviera


You probably know Nice and Cannes – but there is so much more to the Côte d’Azur then that. So I decided to list four cute villages we visited on our trip – all close enough to make a day trip no matter where on the riviera you are 🙂


1. Villefranche-sur-Mer

On our way back from Monaco we stopped at Villefranche-sur-Mer and gosh it is such a charming place. With Monaco on one side and Nice on the other, it is hard to believe that it can retain its charm and authenticity of a little village. I recommend it if you want to  just relax, enjoy the beach, sit in a café or bar and take in the beautiful scenery.


2. Antibes

We were staying at Villeneuve-Loubet, not too far from the Nice airport and practically right next to Antibes. My boyfriend’s family has spent their last 15 summers there and it was my second time visiting this beautiful town. We went to the beach in Antibes to swim and sunbathe almost every day. The old town is beautiful and there is just such a lovely atmosphere.


3. Saint Paul de Vence

One of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera, Saint Paul is well known for its modern and contemporary art museums and galleries. Felt really cosy to walk to the old city while passing old men playing pétanque. Stopped at the Fragonard perfume store on our way back to the car and got some souvenirs.


4. Canges-Sur-Mer

Cagnes-sur-Mer is a picturesque French Riviera town between Nice and Antibes. After Auguste Renoir moved to the area in the early 20th century, more and more artists and celebrities followed. Visitors can still find reminders of this golden age of art at the Renoir Museum or Grimaldi Castle Museum.




Charming Porto


Hey from Porto,

Gosh this city is beautiful, really fell in love! There was this magical light every day, as if it was foggy and sunny at the same time.

We stayed at Invicta Ribeira boat hotel and it for sure was a fun experience. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Breakfast was included and there was a nice sun deck for us to use. There’s lot of restaurants to choose from right outside the boat and we actually had a cheese plate with wine at Bacchus vine right next to the Ponte Luís I bridge.

We walked the pretty streets and wandered in little shops, it was nice to have no plans and just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. If you have time please pop into The Feeting Room and Almada 13 (beautiful shoes, clothes, accessories, design etc.) and Bem Português for cute jewelry.

If you are searching a dinner place I would recommend having risotto at Ris8tto and burgers at Hamburgueria DeGema like we did 🙂

If you are wondering, you can find the beautiful white and blue tiled wall from Igreja do Carmo – worth checking out in my opinion.



4 Days in Lisbon


Greetings from Lisbon,

We arrived early on Tuesday morning and checked in to our accommodation next to the Baixa-Chiado metro station at Lisbon Downtown Inn. We had a beautiful private room and a shared bathroom. The staff was really friendly and the location perfect.

On our first night we had dinner at Palacio Chiado – and yes, it was a real palace. The historic salons of the Palácio Chiado now host several dining alternatives from sushi to grill and seafood to name a few. The dinner time in Portugal is between 19-22 and most of the restaurants didn’t even open their doors before 7pm. What you also might be interested in is that the appetizers (bread, olives etc.) are actually not free. They will be added to your bill if you eat them and cost around 1,5 e. If you don’t want any, just refuse them, send them back straight away or don’t touch them.

On our second morning we had the most lovely breakfast at Nicolau Lisboa which was right next to our inn. It was so good we ended up going there also the next day. Big recommendations if you love smoothies, yoghurt bowls and pancakes 🙂

We strolled around in Alfama and had a short ride in the famous yellow tram. As it was so full that we had to stand and could not see anything, we decided to hop off and walk instead. The buildings in Alfama were so beautiful and all the blue tiles so lovely. We enjoyed the view at Miradouro das Portas do Sol and stopped for coke and pastries to recharge.

We made a pack that we will eat one Pastel de Nata (a Portuguese egg tart pastry)  each day and read that the best ones are in Belem. So one day we made a trip to the area, visited the beautiful white Torre de Belém and continued our way to Pasteis de Belém were we had heard you could get the best pastries. As the cafe was quite full we had take-away and ate the Pastel de Natas under a tree in the park nearby. So GOOD.

While walking back from Belem we visited Ponte 25 de Abril, the bridge that reminded us of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. As we realized that the view must be spectacular also from the other side we decided to make a trip by boat to the other side of the river and check it out from Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei.

We also visited LX Factory,  historical industrial complex of houses with an array of arty retailers & unique restaurants. We found the coolest book store from there.

We had amazing pizzas at ZeroZero. It was very popular so be prepared to wait in the queu or make a reservation. They had a wonderful outdoor terrace but unfortunately as the place was packed, we had to settle for seats inside. Maybe next time 😉

You should also check out the Time Out Market for dinner. The Bairro Alto district and surrounding area is considered a hot spot for nightlife in Lisbon these days. And that is exactly where we went one night for drinks. It was very hard to decide on one place as there were so many.

We had a lovely time and felt like there is still so much to see in this beautiful city. Lisbon, I will definitely be back! Maybe next time in the spring or fall when there is hopefully less tourists 🙂 Obrigado was the only word I learned in Portuguese. It is an interesting language – a mix of Spanish, Greece and Russian in my opinion.

PS. Oh yes, we also made a day trip to Sintra – but more on that later!






Twirling in Villefranche-sur-Mer

We made a little stop on this cute village on our way back to Antibes from Monaco. Fell in love with the pastel houses and turquoise windows! 🙂


The Monaco Look


Monte Carlo, Monaco

Today we made a day trip to Monaco. It takes only 40-60 min to drive there from Antibes depending on the traffic.

We spent the whole day outside and felt so exhausted in the evening, it has been super hot today, 31c still around 8pm. Can’t complain though, soon it is time to return home to Helsinki where the temperature is around 10 degrees 😀 😀 Oh well.. I do love my knits and boots…