Today I went for a stroll in the beautiful Puu-Vallila area after checking out the selection at Konepajan Bruno flea market. Today was such a pretty but cold day, the sky was clear and sun was shining – and my toes were freezing.

I was wandering the streets and this grandpa stopped and asked me if I was lost. I told him I was just admiring it all – so he told me to keep doing that and wished me a nice day 🙂



Isabel Marant Spring 2018



Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant presented a menswear collection alongside her womenswear for the first time, but I had my eyes clued to these beautiful white designs that would be perfect for summer.

Marant girl is always a little bit bohemian but still elegant, cool and streetwise, don’t you think?


Ice Skating


Yesterday me and Minna went ice skating and gosh it was fun! I think it might be 10 years since I have been skating – but you get the hang of it quite quickly 🙂 It was quite cold day, -15c so our toes were super frozen after our one hour session. We had glögi (hot mulled wine) and gingerbread with us though, such a nice day!

We went there around 1pm but the sun was already going down, the days are so short here in the North now.


Merry Christmas


Beanie DIY / Coat Makia

I might be a tad late, but nevertheless, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I spend it at the countryside with my family. We ate well and enjoyed each others company. On Christmas Day we even woke up at 5am to go to church and went back to sleep after it 😀 I’ve been once before in Paanukirkko (a modern, wooden church in Kärsämäki) on Christmas morning, it is cold inside but still cozy, with candles and blankets… singing couple of familiar hymns that remind me of childhood.  For me it is part of Christmas, even though my family is not religious.

Hope your holiday season has been great so far as well!


Suomi Love


This was a big year for us Finns as we celebrated our centenary. It has been at the top of my mind all year – and came up pretty much every day at work 😀 So this year I wanted to travel more in Finland – and even though there’s still plenty of places to see, I think I did pretty good 😉

Ps. Wondering the title? In Finnish, Suomi means Finland.


In February I visited friends in Turku. This city will always have a special place in my heart. I lived and studied there for 5 years and made some great friends. I have such good memories from my student years and it feels nice to wander the familiar streets and enjoy cup of tea in my favorite cafes along the river.


I visited Porvoo so many times I lost count. One of my colleagues lives there in a beautiful old wooden house, so I have a good reason to stop by once in a while. Old Porvoo is such a cute place and so close by, it just has an atmosphere of it’s own.


In June I visited Vuokatti and Kuhmo and got to spend a night in a bear hide close to the Russian border. It was such a cool experience! We saw couple bears, but they stayed quite far away, and my camera gear wasn’t good enough to take any photos – unfortunately.


During summer I explored Tampere for two days and totally fell for the city. I visited the Moomin museum and Särkänniemi, strolled in Pispala and had the best doughnuts at the Pyynikki observation tower.


In July me and Eva went to Hanko for a day trip. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a walk from the centre to Neljän Tuulen tupa – a cute cafe by the sea. Hanko is a perfect day trip destination from Helsinki, and especially easily explored if you have your own car.


I visited my parents in Oulu quite many times this year and in the summer we also went to my mom’s home in Kärsämäki, which has always been such a dear place for me. There I can relax and just be free 🙂 Can’t wait to go there in couple days to celebrate Christmas.

Noora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_pierNoora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_reindeer_2Noora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_saunaNoora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_national park

In September I went on a work trip to Kuusamo region. To sum up that week, we ate well, experienced some great outdoor activities, admired the autumn leaf colors and relaxed in a different sauna every evening. It was pretty great 🙂

Let’s see which parts of my beautiful home country I get to explore next year!



5 x Recommendation for This Week


Gosh, my Christmas Holiday is finally starting on next week’s Friday, can’t wait! I have been very busy with work, which is why I haven’t had time to post here in a while. But today I decided to share some favorites and recommendations for you guys 🙂

1. The Crown
The second season of the Crown is now on Netflix – and it is perhaps even better then the first one. I just love Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby in it!

2. Sia’s Christmas Album
Good choice if you are tired of the old classics but still want to listen to some carols. My favorites are Snowman and Sunshine.

3. &Other Stories Shower Foam
I love Rituals’ shower foam, but they don’t unfortunately sell it in Finland. Was so happy to notice that &Other Stories have now added couple shower foams to their collection!

4. Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask
In the winter my skin gets dry sometimes, so these masks are the bomb (see what I did there) 😀 I have been using them like once a week this fall and winter.

5. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair
This is probably the best product ever, for my hair at least. It is a light, flexible and texturizing hairspray (for me it feels like a mix of a light hairspray, salt spray and dry shampoo, if that makes any sense).


Celine Spring 2018




Celine Spring 2018

Spring might seem a tad far away, but it is not too soon the get inspired.

So what should we wear next spring? Something like khaki suits with big shoulders and side-pleated skirts or trousers with double-layered, looped-up trench coats as well as belted coats. Those black block-heeled ankle boots with mismatch brooch-like jewelry on either toe on the last photo look so great.


Christmas lights


Christmas mood in Helsinki

I have allowed myself to drink glögi already (for like one month) but decorations and carols I have been saving for December. Can’t wait to bake some gingerbread and listen to Michael Bubble or maybe the “Home Alone” soundtrack 😉

Yesterday was the opening of the Christmas Street and on Saturday the Helsinki Christmas market will open at the Senate square. This year there will also be a sauna at the market, how cool and how very Finnish 😀


Sunday Look



Beret Asos / Coat Weekday / Knit Mango

Woke up today and it was snowing – but it quickly turned into rain, buhuu. November is probably the gloomiest month ever here in Finland; no snow and very little daylight.

This afternoon we will go and see the opening of Aleksanterinkatu Christmas Street at 4 pm, it will probably be packed but hopefully cozy nevertheless.