Suomi Love


This was a big year for us Finns as we celebrated our centenary. It has been at the top of my mind all year – and came up pretty much every day at work 😀 So this year I wanted to travel more in Finland – and even though there’s still plenty of places to see, I think I did pretty good 😉

Ps. Wondering the title? In Finnish, Suomi means Finland.


In February I visited friends in Turku. This city will always have a special place in my heart. I lived and studied there for 5 years and made some great friends. I have such good memories from my student years and it feels nice to wander the familiar streets and enjoy cup of tea in my favorite cafes along the river.


I visited Porvoo so many times I lost count. One of my colleagues lives there in a beautiful old wooden house, so I have a good reason to stop by once in a while. Old Porvoo is such a cute place and so close by, it just has an atmosphere of it’s own.


In June I visited Vuokatti and Kuhmo and got to spend a night in a bear hide close to the Russian border. It was such a cool experience! We saw couple bears, but they stayed quite far away, and my camera gear wasn’t good enough to take any photos – unfortunately.


During summer I explored Tampere for two days and totally fell for the city. I visited the Moomin museum and Särkänniemi, strolled in Pispala and had the best doughnuts at the Pyynikki observation tower.


In July me and Eva went to Hanko for a day trip. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a walk from the centre to Neljän Tuulen tupa – a cute cafe by the sea. Hanko is a perfect day trip destination from Helsinki, and especially easily explored if you have your own car.


I visited my parents in Oulu quite many times this year and in the summer we also went to my mom’s home in Kärsämäki, which has always been such a dear place for me. There I can relax and just be free 🙂 Can’t wait to go there in couple days to celebrate Christmas.

Noora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_pierNoora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_reindeer_2Noora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_saunaNoora_uusitalo_ruka_kuusamo_national park

In September I went on a work trip to Kuusamo region. To sum up that week, we ate well, experienced some great outdoor activities, admired the autumn leaf colors and relaxed in a different sauna every evening. It was pretty great 🙂

Let’s see which parts of my beautiful home country I get to explore next year!



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