Surfing in Peniche, Portugal


Peniche, Portugal

Greetings from Peniche,

You might remember me telling that Minna really wanted to go surfing during our trip to Portugal? So that’s how we ended up staying two nights in Peniche before heading to Porto. She had found out that Peniche was one of the best places for surfing.

A buss from Lisbon to Peniche takes around 1,5 hours. Our accommodation was in Peniche (not in Baleal where the surfing actually took place). We arrived to the centre around noon and walked to our B&B. After that we headed straight to the beach for a nap. In the evening we rented bikes from our B&B and cycled to dinner, rushed through it and cycled like crazy to catch the sunset next to a lighthouse on the cliffs.

The next morning we got picked up from our accommodation by Peniche surf Camp and drove to Baleal. We had booked a surf class in advance and one day with two courses costs around 45-60 e depending of the season. Our group was called the Sardines as we were all beginners. We had a little introduction during the info course and in our group there were people from all around Europe – England, Holland, Switzerland etc. Found out that everyone else had tried surfing at least once before, but for me it was the very first time. That made me a bit nervous, would I suck at it?

We got wetsuits and boards and drove to the beach. We had a warm up and a 2 hour class before one hour brake on the beach. We had water and some snacks with us. After resting we had another 2 hour class and finished around 3pm.

After returning to the surf camp me, Minna and our new swiss friend Tamara walked to the Baleal centre for dinner but (as in Portugal usually) the restaurants didn’t open until 7. Luckily we managed to find a cafe that also served food. Afterwards we bought ciders from a store next to the camp and walked to the beach to watch the sunset.

Gosh surfing was hard. It looks so easy, but it really isn’t. I got to ride couple waves but mostly I was just falling off from the board 😀 Anyhow, it was a great experience and next time would definitely love to take a 3 or 5 day course. During one day you just start getting the hang of it and then it is already over. Also would be nice to stay at the surf camp (yeah they offer accommodation) to get the full experience. The place was just so cozy!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of us surfing as the teachers told us not to take anything valuable with us to the beach – so I didn’t have my camera with me. But oh well, not everything needs to be photographed, I have my memories 😉


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