Postcards from Kuusamo

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Postcards from Kuusamo, Finland

Greetings from Kuusamo,

I arrived here with a group of international reporters last Saturday. To sum up our week, we ate well, experienced some great outdoor activities, admired the autumn leaf colors and relaxed in a different sauna every evening.

I got to try out River Rafting in Oulanka National Park, sauna yoga in Iisakki Village, free abseiling from a ski jump and mountain biking in Ruka. I also fed a reindeer in Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm.

On our last evening we relaxed in three different saunas in Pohjolan Pirtti (steam sauna, ordinary Finnish electric sauna and traditional wood heated sauna) and had a beautiful dinner there. Our host Tanja took such good care of us and told us interesting stories of the history of the place.

We spent our last two nights in Isokenkäisten Klubi, and gosh it was a lovely place – you could just listen to the silence. Run by two sisters, Katja and Sirpa, and located only 2 km from the Russian border, this holiday village really is a pearl on the Eastern Border. We relaxed in the gentle warmth of their Seven Star Smoke Sauna (cause five starts just isn’t enough), took a refreshing dip in the cool lake water, and enjoyed traditional Finnish home-cooked meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

No matter what the season is, Kuusamo area is a great place for both relaxing and activities. Maybe it is best to combine them both 😉 I sure slept like a baby every night after staying out in the nature the whole day, finishing with sauna and big dinner, I know you would have too.

Talk again soon.




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