Charming Porto


Hey from Porto,

Gosh this city is beautiful, really fell in love! There was this magical light every day, as if it was foggy and sunny at the same time.

We stayed at Invicta Ribeira boat hotel and it for sure was a fun experience. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Breakfast was included and there was a nice sun deck for us to use. There’s lot of restaurants to choose from right outside the boat and we actually had a cheese plate with wine at Bacchus vine right next to the Ponte Luís I bridge.

We walked the pretty streets and wandered in little shops, it was nice to have no plans and just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. If you have time please pop into The Feeting Room and Almada 13 (beautiful shoes, clothes, accessories, design etc.) and Bem Português for cute jewelry.

If you are searching a dinner place I would recommend having risotto at Ris8tto and burgers at Hamburgueria DeGema like we did 🙂

If you are wondering, you can find the beautiful white and blue tiled wall from Igreja do Carmo – worth checking out in my opinion.



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