Rhododendron Park

Noora_uusitalo_alppiruusupuisto_3Noora_uusitalo_alppiruusupuisto_4Noora_uusitalo_alppiruusupuistoRhododendron Park_5

Pants Zara / Bag Indiska / Jacket Monki

Happy Midsummer! This is probably the first time I am spending it in the city. I usually always go back home and to the countryside – but tomorrow I am going to a friends wedding in Porvoo, which is why I am staying in Helsinki this year.

Me and Eva had a fun night yesterday at the island of Lonna at Stadin Juhannus. Was so nice to sail back to the city as the sun was slowly setting, Helsinki looked so beautiful and yet again felt so happy to live here.

The flowers are in full bloom at the Rhododendron Park in Haaga and today we went there for a little walk. In the afternoon we cycled in Kaivopuisto with the rental city bikes. Such a nice and chill day 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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