Navy Blue

A young woman wearing a black and blue outfit in a yellow courtyard.Noora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootd_4Noora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootd_7Noora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootd_5Noora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootd_6Noora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootdNoora_Uusitalo_navy_outfit_ootd_9

Hat WillaWool / Coat Samsøe & Samsøe / Skirt Banana Republic 

Blue is my favorite color for sure and I probably have more blue then black clothes in my closet. I have also become a huge fan of skirts this past year. They are great for the office and you can brighten up an otherwise all black outfit with a colorful skirt.

So glad it is Friday, really need to relax after this week. So sweatpants and Netflix on.

Have a lovely weekend!


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