UK Photo diary


Throwback to 2013.

I will remember my exchange forever and I often think back the time I spent there and the people I met. When you put a bunch of people in a new environment – they don’t know each other but they have the same interests – they quickly develop a friendship that will last a lifetime. Our group consisted of two Portuguese, one Australian, one French, one Slovenian and me and my friend Emilia, the Finns.

I spent 9 months in England, first in Winchester School of Art and then in London. It was such a good decision to go and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t stay for two semesters. During Spring I visited both Paris and Scotland. We also visited London so many times that once I actually moved there for the summer after the exchange I felt like I already knew the place.

Winchester was such a great place to study and I have so great memories from there. I miss that guy at the market yelling: “Strawberries, 2 for 5 pounds”. I miss that other guy at the market selling cheese – the one with the funny hair. I miss the cashiers always asking: “Are you alright my love” or “Are you alright packing?”. I miss Boots were everything is “3 for 2”. I miss Poundland where everything is just one pound. I miss Alfie’s, Pitcher, Spoons and Black Boy. I miss the Hot Chocolate at Cafe Monde and the cakes at Ginger Two. I miss our amazing school and going to M&S to buy lunch with the girls. I will miss me and Emilia using Finnish as our secret language. I miss our random trips to London and our Sunday brunch. I miss the people and that time – stressing like crazy over Uni but still feeling free as a bird.

Oh how happy reminiscing these things make me. It was an amazing chapter for sure.


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