Postcards from Paris


Greetings from Paris,

Actually I am sitting safe and sound in Helsinki, but wanted to share these photos from Paris with you. So let’s do a little throwback to Spring 2013.

I was on exchange in Winchester, England and decided to make a spontaneous trip to Paris with my friends. We took the overnight bus from London and arrived to Paris next morning. It was around Easter and we had some extra days off from Uni.

We rented a beautiful apartment via AirBnb. You should have seen the girl that owned the place, she was the embodiment of everything French – naturally beauty, super stylish and chic with a strong accent. She told us her parents had bought her the apartment (which was in Montmartre close to Sacré-Cœur) but now she was moving in with her fiancé to a nicer neighborhood. Her words, not mine.

We walked around our new hoods, bought cute cupcakes and ate them at the steps of Sacré-Cœur. We walked by Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower where we had huge cotton candies. We also visited the Père Llachaise Cemetery and got totally lost there trying to find the famous graves. Me and Emilia had been to Paris before but it was the first time for our Australian friend Metaxia. Nevertheless we avoided the real touristic things and focused more on walking around and eating lot of pastries 😉

We will always have Paris!


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