Sydney Photo Diary


Greetings from Sydney,

I am not used to 37C. Definitely not, so hot in here. So this is where our Australia Road trip ended and we stayed 5 days. During that time I saw friends, went shopping, went to Bondi and Coogee, had amazing food in Otto at Woolloomooloo and in Braza at Darling Harbour.

We went shopping at Queen Victoria Building and Pitt Street. Myer Department store is also great. You should check out Mecca Cosmetics and Country Road, bot which we don’t have in Europe at all, I know you would like them both.

We took the ferry to Taronga Zoo to get a great view to the Opera House and the bridge. In case you ever come here, remember that both Darling Harbour and Woollomooloo have plenty of nice restaurants to choose from. And on that trip if you want ice cream, head to Zero Degrees for the cute little fish waffle or to i-Creamy Artisan Gelato for the most beautiful rose ice cream.

The highlight of the trip was of course New Year, I could write you a long story about that – but I was also very happy to see my friends who I met while on exchange in England, maybe you remember I have talked about them sometimes. I haven’t seem them in 2-3 years so it was about time 🙂


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