Sydney New Year


What an amazing show and experience it was, something to cross off from my bucket list 🙂

There are multiple vantage points to choose from in Sydney. More than a million people make their way into the city and surrounds to grab a prime position for the celebrations. The most popular ones are full already early in the morning, people actually go and camp outside to get to the best places, it is crazy. While many vantage points are free, you may have a better experience if you book tickets to a paid vantage point.

Watching the fireworks from the Opera House or from Mrs Macquaries Point would have been a dream, but as we only had 5 days in Sydney, we didn’t want to waste one day just sitting in one place from morning till midnight.

So we decided to go to Campbells Cove, next to the bridge, as the place has nice views but it doesn’t get full before late in the day. We had dinner and got there around 7pm – and still managed to get a good spot 🙂 We had a blanket and some snacks to make the wait a wee bit easier.

We saw both 9pm and the midnight firework display and they were amazing. I was also happy to see that people were not drunk or acting foolish. There was really no pushing or shoving or anyone being rude. We had a lovely chat with an old man sitting next to us, who told about the previous years he had been there. He also told us about his visit to Finland, how funny? 😀

After the 12min firework show at midnight our journey back to our hotel started. We had to take the train and it took us over 2 hours to get to the train station. It was insane and we were so tired. The first station that we got to was closed and the second was just way too crowded. So we ended up walking a bit more. 18 km during that day all together actually.

But even though we were tired and the slowly moving crowd was really annoying, it was so worth it! So glad I got to celebrate New Year in Sydney with my family.


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