A Day in Brugge


Postcards from Brugge

I went to Brussels for work last week with my friend Eva and decided to stay there for a weekend. Saturday we took a one hour train ride to Brugge (or Bruges) and had the loveliest time! Brugge lies on the North of Brussels close to the coast. The return ticket on a weekend was around 15 e/person and you should hop on the train that goes to Knokke/Blankenberge or Ostend.

For a small city, Brugge has much to enjoy. I mean, it was actually a lot bigger then I expected and we ended up walking over 20 km during that day. We were super lucky with the weather as we got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day!

First of all, if you aren’t keen on waffles, pastries and chocolate – then you might have come to the wrong place. I mean, Brugge is the prime destination for visitors with a sweet tooth. Secondly, if you love cute buildings and tiny, colorful streets, you will love this place.

Regarding the photos, the prettiest pastry is from Patisserie Academie (Academiestraat 4) which was recommended to us by a local. The cutest chocolate covered waffle sticks are from Go.fre. The smallest little chocolaterie can be found from Eiermarkt 6. Also check out a shop called Goûts et Couleurs – it had all these beautiful accessories and design items etc.


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