7 hours in Stockholm


As we got a good deal for a cruise to Stockholm, decided to go there for a day last weekend. I mean, Stockholm is always a good idea.

We were admiring the Helsinki cityscape from the boat before sailing off. Later in the evening we went up to the deck to enjoy the sunset.

We arrived to Stockholm Sunday morning 9.30. If you are a morning person, definitely wake up a bit earlier and go out to have a look at the beautiful archipelago. Those cute cottages are definitely worth seeing.

As soon as we got out of the boat we took a metro from the harbor to Södermalm. I wanted to have breakfast at Cafe Pom & Flora, but unfortunately it was totally packed. So we just ended up going to a cafe close by on the same street.

We had lunch at The Flying Elk in Gamla stan. The truffle burger is a must there. Everyone who came there for lunch ordered the truffle burger, everyone (there was also a vege version). Loved the interior and atmosphere of the place; I highly recommend it for your next visit.

7 hours is not enough in Stockholm. I love walking around, going to the little shops in Södermalm and Gamla Stan, finding cute cafes and exploring. Now we kind of rushed through it, cause we already had to leave back to the harbor around 4pm.

But like I said, Stockholm is always a good idea, and will probably travel there soon again 🙂


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