Weekend in Copenhagen



Copenhagen is always a good idea.

Me and Minna bought tickets to Copenhagen already in May cause Norwegian had such a good sale. So the flights ended up being cheaper then train tickets to Oulu, how crazy is that.

We stayed at a lovely Airbnb in Frederiksberg. As this was my third time in Copenhagen and Minna studied a semester there we didn’t feel the pressure to check all the sights. We just did some shopping, ate well and just enjoyed the atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Grรธdย and Sunday morning at Mad & Kaffe. Saturday we had lunch at Gorm’s in Torvehallerne (they have super good pizza)ย and as dinner spot we chose Madklubben from our neighborhood.


Postcards from Paros


Greetings from Paros,

I took a night flight from Helsinki to Athens and arrived to Greece around 3am. I took the airport buss to the harbor and waited couple hours before boarding the 7.25 ferry to Paros. Cause I had been up all night, I basically snoozed the whole boat ride.

Around noon we finally arrived to Parikia, Paros. I was so hungry and tired I just sat down to the first restaurant I could find. I spend couple hours in Parikia before taking the buss to Naoussa to check-in at my hotel.

I stayed in Hotel Cavos, where I had my own little balcony with a sea view and the beach was just a 2 min walk away. The owner, french Philippe, was so friendly and helpful! I was his first Finnish guest – he said he had had guests from Sweden, Denmark and Norway – but never before anyone from Finland.

As soon as I had unpacked at the hotel I went to the beach for a little nap. Later in the evening I explored the cute streets of Naoussa. On my second day I took a buss to Parikia and did some shopping. I love all the tiny shops and beautiful jewelry they have here! And the olive soap…

Turned out that exploring Paros was super easy! The buss connections where so good, and one way ticket costed only 1,80e. On my third day I made a little day trip to Lefkes, a cute village in central island. I ate a greek salad close to the church and searched for shadows after walking the hot streets for couple hours.

Saturday I took a buss to Santa Maria and spend like 3 hours just laying on the beach (in a beach chair that costed 20 e – but was totally worth it). All in all, I didn’t have a lot of plans, I just did exactly what I wanted. I took naps on the beach close to my hotel, finished reading Murakami’s “Kafka on the shore”, ate nectarines every morning for breakfast, had ice cream around noon and had a cold coke every afternoon on my balcony before heading to dinner.

The temperature hanged around 30c from morning till evening. I started sweating as soon as I got out of my air-conditioned hotel room. I decided not to complain though – you will miss this in November when it is cold and dark in Finland, I told myself. I am not much of a swimmer, but here I swam a lot. I felt like a mermaid, diving in the turquoise water, loved how my hair felt after the salty sea water.

After 6 nights in Naoussa it was sadly time to head home. I took an evening ferry from Parikia around 7pm and arrived to Athens at midnight. I happened to meet a Swedish woman at the buss stop. We talked the whole buss ride about traveling and continued our discussion about our countries (the similarities and the differences) and about literature and what not. Before I even realized, three hours had passed and at 3.30 am it was time to board.

I had the best time, seriously – I felt so relaxed. I felt comfortable traveling alone in Greece as I have been there before, the locals are so nice and the atmosphere on the islands is just so… chill.

But maybe next time we will go together, would love to show you the island.


Library Love


National Library

How beautiful is the National Library in Helsinki? It is like the lovely library from Beauty and the Beast, don’t you think?

Tomorrow I am heading to the countryside to celebrate midsummer. Will be so nice to just hang out with my family, go to sauna and eat some good food. Hopefully the weather just gets better… it has been raining for the past couple days.

Have a lovely weekend!


Villa Elfvik


Villa Elfvik, Espoo

Yesterday me and Eva went for a little afternoon walk in Villa Elfvik in Espoo – what ย a pretty place. After strolling around in the area we walked to Munkkiniemi and had this year’s first ice creams outside in the sun. Can’t wait for summer, it is just behind the corner…

Have a nice Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚


London Photo Diary


Here’s some photos from my London trip. Felt so good to be back, I think I will always have a special bond with this city. I tried to avoid the super touristic places and only went to Oxford Circus once just to realize it was way too hectic for me. Instead I wandered around in less crowded places and just chilled, ate good food and snapped lot of photos! I did do some shopping as well, I mean, it is London after all.

I also wanted to give you 4 little tips on your next visit:

1. Farm Girl in Notting Hill
Such a cute and trendy place and perfect for a lazy breakfast! I had chai latte, granola and avocado toast and everything was so good. I was so full – the portions were quite big.

59A Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB

2. Attendant in Shoreditch
We used to go out a lot in Shoreditch when I lived in London, so good memories filled my mind when I walked the familiar streets. I had a chai latte and brekkie board at Attendant. Such a lovely place.

74 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL

3. South Kensington
One of my favorite areas in London, it is just so peaceful and pretty. Love to wander the streets with my camera ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Santa Maria, pizzeria napoletana
Yum, they have such good pizza and the place is super cozy.

94 Waterford Road,ย London SW6 2HA



Airbnb in Winchester


I stayed with Caroline and her family in the cutest little Airbnb while in Winchester. It was located close by to the train station and the centre and Cathedral are like 10 min walk away. I had the whole upstairs to myself with a private bathroom.

Just look at that bed, it was massive and so cozy. I slept so well, the blinders made the room pitch black for night and I had like 4 pillows just for me ๐Ÿ˜€



Winchester Photo Diary


Winchester, Hampshire

When I bought flights to London couple months ago I decided I was gonna visit Winchester during my stay as well. I was here on student exchange five years ago so I wanted to wander the familiar streets and do the same things as I did back then. Winchester is only one hour train ride away from London, so it is also a perfect place for a little day trip if you are around.

I walked to St. Catherine’s Hill were I used to go running, I had hot chocolate with crazy amount of whipped cream and tiny marshmallows at Cafe Monde. I bought lemon and lime curd yoghurt from M&S (seriously, the best yoghurt!!) and had fish and chips at The Bishop on the Bridge.


Pink Friday



How beautiful is this pink building in Kallio? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and even though I know it was a good thing, damn it is hurting and aching right now! Been taking turns on eating just mango yoghurt and lemon sorbet, hopefully something else tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a nice weekend!


2 x Suomenlinna


Sunday adventures in Suomenlinna

Me and Eva went to Suomenlinna today for a little walk (and to celebrate Eva’s birthday with some cake and hot chocolate, yay).

Now I am back home under the blankets drinking tea and watching Outlander. Got a bit sick couple days ago, but felt good to be out in the fresh air nevertheless. Hope I didn’t make it worse ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a chill day!