2 x Suomenlinna


Sunday adventures in Suomenlinna

Me and Eva went to Suomenlinna today for a little walk (and to celebrate Eva’s birthday with some cake and hot chocolate, yay).

Now I am back home under the blankets drinking tea and watching Outlander. Got a bit sick couple days ago, but felt good to be out in the fresh air nevertheless. Hope I didn’t make it worse 😀

Have a chill day!



Purple Coat


Coat Second Hand / Bag Marimekko / Shoes Whyred

What a beautiful sunny day, makes me so happy. Today is a busy day – I went to gym in the morning and now getting ready for my friend’s wedding this evening. After the wedding I will still go for an “after party” to see a gig in Korjaamo. Will be a fun day!

Ps. Look at that coat, so cute. Can you believe I found it from a flea market in Oulu for 2 e, what a find 😀

Enjoy your weekend!



lammassaari-2 kopiolammassaari

Saturday walk in Lammassaari

My aunt is visiting me and yesterday we went for a 2 hour walk in Vanhankaupunginkoski and Lammassaari. So nice to be able to escape from the centre to the nature.

I am also super glad there’s so much snow here in Helsinki, people were skiing and ice fishing, how cool that it is possible – not every winter is this snowy 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!



Home Inspiration


Okay, so crazy news. I just bought my very first own flat from Vallila! My offer was accepted at the beginning of this month but I just signed the papers yesterday. I am still pinching myself – does this mean I am an adult now?

It is very tiny (seriously, very tiny) but it is all mine and I could not be more excited. So here is some decor inspiration, though there is not too much space in my small studio… 😀

I will move there in a week and it feels like a new beginning.  Last year ended a bit differently and so after 3,5 years I am learning to live on my own again, scary but feels good at the same time.


27 Tips for Younger Me


This year I will turn 28 (but not until September, still a long, looong way to go, right :D). So, as I am still 27, I decided to list 27 tips for younger me. What would you add to the list?

1. Be kind
And to me, being kind doesn’t mean same as being nice. I really love the word kind, I don’t think we have an equivalent word for it in Finnish.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others
Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others, especially not to models or celebrities.

3. Be brave
Don’t let people put you down, stand up for yourself. You don’t have to please others and agree on everything, just tell your own opinions. This doesn’t mean you should be rude either. I wish in school I would have been more brave, gone and talked to that one girl who was alone and invited her to our group, but I was too shy back then. I guess I wish I would have been more of a “everyones friend”.

4. You are not in a hurry to be an adult
There’s plenty of time to be a grown up with responsibilities, enjoy being a kid. Be silly and have fun!

5. Don’t wear too much make up and take good care of your skin
I had bad skin as a teenager and tried to cover it with lot of makeup, which ended up looking horrible. When I was 18 and loved going to clubs, I would go to sleep with my makeup on – I can’t imagine doing it anymore. So please, take care of your skin and don’t try and look older with more makeup.

6. Take a gap year
And use it well, work half of it and save money and travel the other half. I was in a hurry to move away from home, but to be honest, it would have been quite great to get a job from somewhere and save some money by living at home for a while – then maybe go to New Zealand or Australia… 🙂


7. Travel more
Always travel when possible, never turn down a trip wether it is far or close. Buy less clothes and other material thing and more tickets 🙂

8. Buy less and focus on quality
You don’t have to buy new clothes all the time, buy less but when you do – buy better.

9. Have more hobbies
Learn a new language, go to painting or pottery class or ballet.

10. It doesn’t matter what others think
Stop worrying what other people think and do things that make you happy and things that help you be a better person.

11. Stop complaining
Yeah yeah, everyone complains sometimes, but try to avoid negativity and see the positive side of things instead.

12. Be curious
Try new things and never stop learning and exploring.

13. Open up a savings account for an apartment as early as possible
You will thank yourself later 🙂 And if you can’t open it earlier, open it as soon as you have a steady pay check.


14. Visit your grandparents
I wish I had visited my grandmothers more and asked them to tell stories about their youth and the time during the war, about their wedding… anything to be honest. We visited my mother’s mom very often when I was a kid and I have great memories from those weekends. When I was studying in Uni I lived in the same city as my father’s mother and tried to visit her once a month during those years. But now they are both gone and there’s so many questions I never got to ask.

15. Enjoy the little things in life
Buy a new face cream or fresh flowers, go for a morning walk and make a great breakfast after. You don’t have to live like a superstar, traveling the world and doing cool things all the time – try and enjoy the little things in life.

16. Don’t stress too much about grades
In the end no one will ask you about your 5th grade math test score. Learn for yourself, not for the school.

17. Don’t be too hard on yourself
When I was younger I would stress about a lot of things, like my skin, my grades, getting to Uni, being cool, looking good, being skinny etc. Looking back I do think I was being quite hard on myself, trying to please my friends and family and also tried to live up to certain expectations. I wish I would have loosen up a bit 🙂

18. Stay a whole year abroad
I loved my student exchange and the only thing I regret is not staying two semesters.

19. Be grateful
Be grateful for the things you have and never take anything for granted. Things are good in your life, appreciate it.

20. Respect and believe your parents
Parents want what is best for you, try to understand them, most of the time they are right anyway. Just think how much you love them an know they love you more.


21. It’s okay to make mistakes
Your brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25, so you’re going to make mistakes but consider them as lessons.

22. Heartache will pass
Remember there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind 😉

23. Get over it
So that one embarrassing thing just happened, so what. You won’t even remember it in 5 years. Get over it and be able to laugh to yourself.

24. Don’t color your hair
Your natural hair color is and always will be the prettiest.

25. Always try
Wether it is a job interview, school application, asking a guys phone number – anything. You won’t know if you won’t even try.

26. Don’t worry about the future
Live in the now, and stop worrying about the future and what you will do in five or ten years. Who knows, anything can happen 🙂

27. Things will always work out
They just do, even though during hard times it is difficult to believe it… in a way I think I might believe in destiny and that some thing are just meant to be – and some things are not. I think it helps in most situations.



Welcome Snow



Same neighborhood but totally different look. Last weekend the sun was shining and the streets were clear – yesterday it started snowing and hasn’t stopped since. I am loving it. Proper, cold winter with snow is always better then zero temperature with rain! Bring it on! Everything looks so much cozier with snow, don’t you think?

There’s a reason why I have been hanging in Vallila recently, but I will tell more about that next week.





Today I went for a stroll in the beautiful Puu-Vallila area after checking out the selection at Konepajan Bruno flea market. Today was such a pretty but cold day, the sky was clear and sun was shining – and my toes were freezing.

I was wandering the streets and this grandpa stopped and asked me if I was lost. I told him I was just admiring it all – so he told me to keep doing that and wished me a nice day 🙂



Isabel Marant Spring 2018



Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant presented a menswear collection alongside her womenswear for the first time, but I had my eyes clued to these beautiful white designs that would be perfect for summer.

Marant girl is always a little bit bohemian but still elegant, cool and streetwise, don’t you think?


Ice Skating


Yesterday me and Minna went ice skating and gosh it was fun! I think it might be 10 years since I have been skating – but you get the hang of it quite quickly 🙂 It was quite cold day, -15c so our toes were super frozen after our one hour session. We had glögi (hot mulled wine) and gingerbread with us though, such a nice day!

We went there around 1pm but the sun was already going down, the days are so short here in the North now.


Merry Christmas


Beanie DIY / Coat Makia

I might be a tad late, but nevertheless, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I spend it at the countryside with my family. We ate well and enjoyed each others company. On Christmas Day we even woke up at 5am to go to church and went back to sleep after it 😀 I’ve been once before in Paanukirkko (a modern, wooden church in Kärsämäki) on Christmas morning, it is cold inside but still cozy, with candles and blankets… singing couple of familiar hymns that remind me of childhood.  For me it is part of Christmas, even though my family is not religious.

Hope your holiday season has been great so far as well!